Friday, June 29, 2012

Robert Leone, Peaceful Protest Organized to Show Support

Robert Leone and Rodney King had encounters with the police that are equally horrifying. While one story made national headlines in 1992, during the infamous riots of LA, the other has yet to gain that attention. It is the goal of a group of concerned residents of Bradford County Pennsylvania, led by Michael Knitner and Larry Hohol to draw national attention to the case of Robert Leone.
The group of concerned residents of Bradford County will meet on the lawn of the county's courthouse to show their support for Mr. Leone, on Friday June 29, 2012. This will be a peaceful gathering and hundreds of people are expected to join the stand in unity during the day.
Any concerned residents can gather in unity with us at 301 Main Street Towanda Pennsylvania for the daylong event. This peaceful demonstration will begin at 7am and last until around 9pm. The courthouse will hold usual business hours during the demonstration. The public is urged to not interfere with the courthouse business.
Robert Leone a resident from Vestal, New York was legally driving down a country road in rural Bradford County one evening in March of 2010. Pennsylvania State Troopers were on the lookout for a car involved in a hit and run during this time. One trooper spotted the Leone car and gave pursuit. When Leone, who was driving the speed limit and innocent, would not pull over other troopers joined in pursuit.
Over the next few hours, the innocent man was the victim of police brutality that Bradford County, Pennsylvania has never seen.
The video, which was recorded by the dash cam in one of the state trooper's car, shows the slow speed pursuit along with the troopers on the scene. The video, which is linked here, is very graphic. Mr. Hohol, a retired PA officer, narrates the video.
Hospital records show Robert Leone was treated at Memorial Hospital in Towanda shortly afterwards. The report clearly states he was awake and oriented at the time of admission. The victim was overheard telling the nurse what was happening and troopers ordered medical personnel out of the room. Subsequently, the patient left the hospital in worse shape than when he was admitted.
Mr. Leone returned to the hospital for further treatment a few hours after he was being arraigned at the barracks. Robert Leone is currently in jail and has been since 2010.
Perhaps the story of Robert Leone will get as much attention as the Rodney King story did. Here is how you can help. Please pass this story, along with others that share the truth about the case, to everyone you know.

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