Thursday, July 5, 2012

Press Release Robert Leone


Freedom and Justice for Robert Charles Leone

Description: Peace Rally for Victim of Police Brutality.

Towanda, Pennsylvania 7/6/2012 – Organizers have announced a second peace rally asking for justice for Robert Charles Leone who is the victim of police brutality. The rally will be held at the Towanda Courthouse, 301 Main Street Towanda, Pennsylvania July 6, 2012. This peaceful rally will be held from 7 am until 7 pm.

In early March of  2010 Robert Charles Leone became the victim of police brutality in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Concerned Americans led by Michael Kintner, began taking a local stand in unity for Mr. Leone after viewing the dashboard cam video released by Larry Hohol.. Michael Kintner vows, “The rallies will continue until justice is served and Robert is home”. Co-organizer Angela Marie Kraft, reported 341 people signed the petition at the group’s first peace rally on June 29, 2012.

Mr. Larry Hohol is the spokesman for the family of Robert Charles Leone. Mr. Hohol has been exposing corruption in Pennsylvania for decades and when the case of this man was brought to his attention by the parents of Robert Charles Leone, he took action. He released the dash cam video that showed how the Pennsylvania State Troopers used excessive force. That video can be viewed on the website below.

The concerned Americans who support Robert Charles Leone will continue to occupy the Bradford County Courthouse lawn until Justice has been served. Justice will be served when Robert is released and the law enforcement officials involved have been justly punished.

Contact Information:
Larry Hohol
Deland, Florida


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